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Achieve, Collect & Give Back
"Achieve, collect and give back" is a civic movement that begins in each one of us, with a view to create awareness and draw attention to our role and responsibility on personal development/ civic education and sports for children and young people. It aims to raise funds for the Judo Blocks  (quarterly program integrated in Primary Schools), providing sports training and civic awareness for youth at risk.
It is a movement inspired by social values promoted by the School of Judo Nuno Delgado -resilience, self-knowledge and solidarity:
- Jiko No Kansei (Search for physical and mental perfection) Achieve - Resilience
- Seiryoku Zenyo (Use of physical and mental energy for maximum effect) Collect - Self-knowledge
- Jita Kyoei (Prosperity  and Mutual benefit  for all) Give Back – Solidarity
The movement "Achieve, Collect & Give Back" is represented by a rainbow judo belt, the "rainbow belt", which symbolizes hope, unity of opposites, a union of peoples and social integration, a  championed concept advocated by Nelson Mandela, the ambassador for the  social inclusion concept.
The World Largest Judo Class to be held during the Lisbon World Cup on June 1th, 2011 at Terreiro do Paço is the most visible initiative of this movement, consisting in a massive presentation, rhythmic and music where everyone can participate and thus promote a healthy practice of an activity that also has educational nature. It is an event with European Judo Union approval, is part of its sporting calendar, as assumed strategic event of the Commission for Social Integration of the European Judo Union. It is also a joint event for the City Festival program in Lisbon.
Towards to the World Largest Judo Class, there are several regional and international events scheduled from March to May 2011. Regional events, for all the family, promote and expand the movement through a innovating model Judo class,  massive presentation to be held during the week with visits and direct invitations in schools, culminating with the regional event itself on the following Saturday, open to the community. They are replicas of the World Largest Judo Class, undertaken by the country, mobilizing and attracting participants and funds.
→ 9 cities
→ 10 weeks = 10 regional events
→ 180 visits schools, gymnasiums, sports bodies
Under this project, of civic education and sports, will also be developed together with the Social Stock Exchange and with the contribution of some of the highest academic institutions worldwide  such as  Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lusophone University and others renowned international partners, an academic project which aim to study the phenomenon of social inclusion through judo. The scientific, sociological, educational and sports  study, will be published periodically, through books and other audio-visual and interactive formats to all different audiences, from children to academics.
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European Judo Union
Portuguese Judo Federation and their associations
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Calouste Gulbenkian
EDP Foundation
Portuguese Confederation of Voluntary
Social Stock Exchange
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